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How often should a mechanical watch be wound?

A mechanical watch should be fully wound every 24 hours to maintain good time.

How often should the battery be changed in a watch?

It’s best to replace a battery before it runs out. Dead batteries left in a watch can leak and damage the watch.

How often should a watch be serviced?

To prevent premature wear, a watch should be serviced every 2-3 years.

Why should a watch crystal be replaced when it has only a small crack?

Even a hairline crack can allow dust and moisture into the watch, impeding accuracy and possibly damaging the mechanism.

How often should the stones of a ring be checked for tightness?

We recommend every 6 months.

Can I wear my jewelry swimming?

Prolonged exposure to chlorine can damage metals and semi-precious stones. Salt water can also damage jewelry. If you’re going to wear your jewelry swimming be sure to rinse it off thoroughly.

How can I clean my pearls?

After wearing, wipe pearls with a soft, clean cloth to remove any cosmetics and body oils. Clean pearls occasionally with a mild detergent and lukewarm water. Dry pearls with a soft clean cloth.


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